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    Task 2008-5. "Site optimization"

    You have the news portal devoted to banks, economy and the finance. It is a serious theme, and advertisers are ready to pay advertising on your site for high quotations. Payment is defined on the basis of CPM (cost per mil, the price for 1000 displays), i.e. hits are paid – displays of pages with banners. For increase in shows of pages, and accordingly, and profits, you can dilute a content with news not linked to site subjects. The quantity of the hits generated not by subject content, in M times more, but it reduces severity of a resource and reduces CPM. CPM depends on content subjects by the following formula: CPMk = CPM*k*k*0.0001, where k – percent of a subject content (0 % – 100 %).

    Task. To find value of parameter k, providing maximum profit for known quantity of hits N at 100 % correspondence of content of site subjects and known value of parameter M.

    Notes. Parameter M – a rational number more than unit. N – the integer more than zero. It is necessary to round off result to the nearest integer.

    Stream. The input stream sets values of parameters N and M. The output stream should specify best value of parameter k.

    Input stream:
    1000 11
    Output stream:

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