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    Task 2009-5. “Air-balloon”

    One day one big scientist made a solution that the altitude of three hundred meters over the earth is the ideal place for making experiments with frogs but on condition that this altitude does not change all the time. The scientists decided that the easiest way to achieve this altitude is to use an air-balloon. But there was a question of what temperature should be kept inside the balloon so that he hangs on this altitude?

    Task. Find out what air temperature inside the balloon T (Celsius degrees) is necessary to keep so that the balloon hangs motionless on 300 meters altitude if the balloon volume is V m3 and mass is M kg. On the earth surface Tn=10°C, pressure P=105Pa. Molecular weight of air is μ=29 g/mole, absolute gas constant R=8.3 J/(mole*K), g=9.8 m/sec2.

    Streams. Input stream contains two real numbers V and M. Output stream should contain one real number with accuracy of 2 signs after the decimal point.

    Input stream:
    40.3 20
    Output stream:

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