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    Task 2009-4. “Emelya’s oven”

    A mobile robot “Emelya’s oven” has two wheels (see the picture) and keeps the balance with the aid of a magical force. Emelya ordered the robot to move along a straight road for N seconds. Unfortunately the wheels of the robot are different. Diameter of the left wheel is 20% smaller than the right.

    Task. What will be the robot’s deviation (in centimeters) from the road at the end of the way if the movements speed is V cm/sec and the distance between wheels is D cm? Assume that there is no wheel slippage, the corner of robots turn (the corner of the deviation of the robots movement direction from the specified) is constant within each second of the movement and is small within all the time of the movement, so its sine coincides with the corner itself and cosine with one.

    Streams. Input stream contains three real numbers N, V, D. Output stream should contain one real number with accuracy of 2 signs after the decimal point.

    Input stream:
    1 0.3 1
    Output stream:

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