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    Task 2009-3. “Barrel organ”

    One day one musician that liked electronics invented his own barrel organ. It was ten cylinders put in a row and each rotated with its own speed. A metal pin was installed onto each cylinder. When a cylinder is in an initial position the pin touches a metal plate that is connected to a computation system that gives away a certain note for each cylinder. The musician decided that the melody should be made up on the base of the first chord but it is necessary to find out how difficult it is first.

    Task. Find numbers of the first cylinders that returned to the initial position on the same time so that several notes sounded simultaneously if in the beginning of motion all the pins touched the plate. Rotation periods T are known.

    Streams. Input stream contains ten positive integers T1, T2, ..., T9, T10. Output stream should contain numbers of drums divided by spaces.

    Input stream:
    2 3 5 7 4 6 4 5 8 15
    Output stream:
    1 5 7

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