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    Task 2010-6. “Emelya’s oven-2”

    A mobile robot “Emelya’s oven-2” has two wheels (see the picture) and keeps the balance with the aid of a magical force. Emelya ordered the robot to move straight north for N turns of the wheel. Unfortunately the left wheel of the robot has a flat tire and it has become 10% smaller then the right.

    Task. Define how much meters will the right wheel of the robot deviate from direction north if it's radius is R meters and the distance between wheels is D meters. Assume that there is no wheel slippage.

    Streams. Input stream contains three real numbers N, R, D. Output stream should contain one real number with accuracy of 2 signs after the decimal point.

    Input stream:
    3 0.5 2.3
    Output stream:

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